About Candi Grace and Annette Hurley

It’s easy to be impressed by Annette Hurley and Candi Grace’s professional achievements. After earning a degree in communications, Annette enjoyed success in corporate advertising and later went on to build an organic lawn care company from the ground up – before being eco-friendly was “mainstream.” Candi comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and applied her business degree to her own photography business subsequent to her association with renowned photographer Andrew Kilgore on his nationwide tour.

That’s just Annette and Candi. These close friends, business partners and kindred spirits share a passion for living life on their own terms and have reaped the rewards of blazing their own trails. Candi says, “I watched my grandfather start with nothing and build an incredible life for his family. Still, after he passed away, nothing impacted me more than the countless notes of thanks we received from so many community residents he had quietly helped.”

What Matters Most

That example of selfless generosity was not lost on Candi and it has shaped her into the woman she is today. Personal achievement is important but it’s the difference you make in people’s lives that truly matters most. Annette believes wholeheartedly in this philosophy and centers her daily intention on building strong and meaningful relationships. Together, Annette and Candi are a powerful team, determined to touch as many lives as they can and their work with local home buyers and sellers is one more opportunity to do just that.

Recharging the Battery

“Service to others is important to me, so going the extra mile is just something I do,” Annette says with her trademark enthusiasm. Now that’s not to say she and Candi don’t take time out individually to unwind and recharge. Annette enjoys soaking up nature with a fly fishing excursion, day of gardening or friendly round of golf. When Candi’s not working with clients, you can find her pushing her endurance with a long run or indulging her creative side, camera in hand.

The Life of Your Dreams

When it comes to something as important as buying or selling a home, it’s comforting to know you have not one, but two seasoned professionals on your team. Whatever your real estate goals, there is no need to settle for ordinary results when Annette and Candi have what it takes to bring you positively extraordinary ones. If you’re ready to Create the Life of Your Dreams, start by calling this powerful real estate team today. It’s one call that could change your life.

A Positive Experience

When you work with Annette and Candi during your important move, you work with two dedicated real estate professionals. These professionals aren’t simply concerned with closing another transaction, but rather committed to helping you take a critical step toward living the life of your dreams. Annette and Candi match this commitment with a unique blend of marketing savvy, creativity and business acumen and have earned a long list of raving fans along the way. The truth is, Annette and Candi ensure your real estate success and manage to make the process fun.















Candi Grace, an avid photographer who owned a photography studio prior to her career in real estate.

Annette Hurley has a deep passion for fly fishing.











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